Mitigation & Measurement Entry Level - 106

Canada Mitigation Entry Level - Includes Measurement Course - C-106

The measurement and mitigation courses have been combined in one package providing you with a discounted rate for both courses. These courses provide you with all the training you need to become certified for both radon measurement and mitigation in North America and specifically, Canada. Although you are not required to obtain the radon measurement certification to become certified in mitigation, the measurement course is a pre-requisite to the mitigation course and does provide you with valuable working knowledge for your radon business. These courses were updated February 2013 to comply with the Health Canada standards.

The courses are presented in a convenient and comprehensive format that allows you to listen to audio instruction and interviews, review key points with the course manual, and reinforce the information with online quizzes. The easy-listening format of the audio instruction includes interviews with experts in the radon industry providing you with insight into their experience as well as substantive technological and practical information (interview samples). With an impressive 92% passing rate on the certification exams, these courses have proven to be successful and popular in preparing students for the certification exam and for conducting business.

The mitigation course also includes field exercises that are tailored to fit your experience and needs. These exercises are monitored directly by CERTI providing you with personalized field training.


  • Canada - Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement Course (C-104)
  • Canada - Radon Mitigation Technology Course (C-105)

Courses Include:

  • Audio Instruction & Interviews
  • Downloadable Course Manuals
  • Online Quizzes
  • Hands-On Field Exercises
  • Downloadable Course Certificates

Certification Exam: The Canadian Certification Exam is offered directly through the National Radon Proficiency Program. You are eligible to take this exam after completing the course.

Course cost: $590.75 (USD) using the CHBA BC coupon code (CHBA15) for a 15% discount.
Regular cost: $695.00 (USD) without the coupon code.

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